Digital citizenship

About how many students sleep with there phone beside them. My similie indicates my role in digital medie by exploring new things and learning new things thats on the internet. The downside is sexting which is pretty bad and nasty. The upside would be you can do homework on the internet.

Digital footprint is created by all the information about that one person. And it is permanent by what you post on the internet. The type of  positive image would be that I am shy. You should not put other information about other people if its not you.

Cyberbullying and cruelty are rude and mean. I just dislike when people are bullied or bullied by others. Because it’s just rude. And most people cyber bully on the internet because they are to chicken to say it to there face.

My first week back to school

My first week of school went great. My favorite teacher is Mr.Jones the AG teacher. Everyone thinks it’s boring in his class but it’s really not. It’s not boring to me because I am actually learning cool things about   farming. The only problem is that  he keeps it really cold in there which is fine with me.

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